Igor Ledochowski – 21 Advanced Hypnosis Masterclasses

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Igor Ledochowski – 21 Advanced Hypnosis Masterclasses

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Igor Ledochowski – 21 Advanced Hypnosis Masterclasses

Igor Ledochowski – 21 Advanced Hypnosis Masterclasses

Archive : Igor Ledochowski – 21 Advanced Hypnosis Masterclasses

Special OpportunityGet My Complete Library Of 21 Advanced Hypnosis Masterclasses:

It’s Like Having Me (Igor Ledochowski) On Speed-Dial Ready To Answer Any Hypnosis Question You Have Whenever You Get Stuck Doing Hypnosis…

Only It’s Even Better That That

From: Igor Ledochowski

Dear Reader

You can now get the online equivalent of me privately mentoring you by equipping yourself with my library of 21 “already done for you” advanced hypnosis masterclasses.

These 21 advanced hypnosis masterclasses cover the whole field of hypnosis.  Everything you want to know… every question you want answered… every nuance you want explained is covered in at least one or more contexts within the library of 21 masterclasses.

The library of 21 masterclasses can be used as an at-hand “dip in resource” you can go to, to get any hypnosis-related question answered or any issue or confusion cleared up.

But that’s not all.

Because as you and I both know…

To Be The Best In Your Field You
Need To Have Access To The
Best Information In Your Field

You’re only ever as good as the information – the knowledge – you have access to.

And, in the field of hypnosis you will not come across better taught, better organized and systemized information than the traininginstruction and demonstrations found in my advanced masterclasses.

Again, you don’t have to go through all the masterclasses from start to finish to benefit from them.  The idea here is that you can access any of the masterclasses – at a moment’s notice – whenever you have a hypnosis-related question you need a ready answer to or a confusion you need clearing up.

And because you will get all 21 masterclasses in digital online format, they can all be sitting on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone for instant access within just a few minutes from now.

You’ll literally have the best information, answers, demonstrations and simplified explanations on a huge range of hypnosis topics and techniques.

And because each of the masterclasses includes step-by-step training, demonstrations and executive summaries for immediate and easy reference to get virtually any hypnosis issue answered and cleared up in your mind… the masterclasses are more practical and definitely more valuable than…

Owning Every Hypnosis Book That’s Ever Been Published!

Don’t get me wrong.  There are some excellent hypnosis books out there.  I recommend some of them.

But… let’s face it…

Information in books can be very one-dimensional and, you and I both know reading books can be very time consuming and require hours and hours of uninterrupted study.

In contrast, you can access the required specific information in my masterclasses quickly and…

…there’s no weeks and weeks of study…

…there’s no trying to remember what book to look in…


…there’s no feeling of being let down by “book knowledge” that leaves you with more questions than answers when it comes to actually applying a hypnosis technique in a real-life situation.

And guess what else?

You can even access and get just the answer you need from my masterclasses…

Before A Hypnosis Session With A Client

Many hypnotists need different strategies to deal with clients who need multiple hypnosis sessions to fix their issues.

And my masterclasses give you that in spades!

But that’s not all.

Because my masterclasses also allow you to…

Bring Your “A” Game In Almost Any Situation Where Conversational Hypnosis Will Give You
A Decisive Advantage

And that’s not including all the “inner-hypnotist” strategies I also cover too!

So here’s a complete run down of my Advanced Hypnosis Masterclass Library…

  • The Non Awareness Set“How To Use The Unconscious So People Forget How To Resist You”Click Here To Learn More
  • Part 1: Introducing Milton Erickson’s
    “Hidden” TechniqueOne of those keys is to ensure that the person you are talking with is involved with what’s happening. That means you need to set the scene correctly and neutralize any open skepticism or hostility.
  • What to do so that someone is actively working with you to ensure a successful result, without them knowing what you are doing
  • Tips, techniques and strategies to ensure that people will want to listen to you and be eager to follow your directions
  • This is one of the biggest nightmares any hypnotist has to face. When you know this secret it will never be a problem again
  • How to guarantee that the results you achieve will last and that you won’t have to go back and deal with problems like relapses, “Buyers Remorse” or people not following through on commitments
  • The simple formula for success with the “Non-Awareness” set. Warning! Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of this approach. It’s very powerful
  • Signals that someone is falling under your spell and how to increase your control over them
  • A simple demonstration of just how easily you can send someone into a trance with a few seemingly innocent questions and statements
  • The key point in any hypnosis session where you can unlock someone’s mind and create an avalanche of change and breakthroughs in behavior
  • An astonishing demonstration of the Non-Awareness Set where a person’s hand gets heavier and heavier until it is glued to their laptop computer!
  • How to have someone go into hypnosis whilst still alert and talking to you and giving you constant feedback as to what is happening inside them. It’s like being able to see into his mind – No more guess work!
  • Discover how to create a “disobedient hand” in your hypnotic target. This may sound incredible but here’s a demonstration where someone really cannot control their own hand!
  • Listen to a step by step analysis of the Non-Awareness Set demonstration and how you can get the same kind of amazing results
  • How to use surprise and other “stealth tactics” so that someone quickly goes into hypnosis under your control before they realize what’s happening
  • The key that will unlock someone’s mind and literally have them tell you how to get the results you desire
  • Why most so-called “experts” are completely wrong about the most advanced techniques developed by Milton Erickson.Don’t make these mistakes or you’ll end up frustrated and disappointed
  • The astonishingly obvious insight that transforms the effectiveness of any hypnosis or therapy session
  • How to take the standard 4 stage model of hypnosis and add the Non-Awareness Set to create an irresistibly effective tool of covert influence
  • The simple 2 stage process that magnifies the impact and effectiveness of the Non-Awareness Set so that there is unstoppable momentum towards the result you want
  • Templates you can use in any situation so that putting the Non-Awareness Set to work for you is easy and guaranteed to get results
  • The Master Question you can use whenever you are uncertain that will point the way forward with complete confidence
  • How to make “resistant answers” to your questions the best damned trance inducing agent in your entire arsenal. They cannot resist this – it’ll blow the doors to trance wide open!
  • Tactics of the masters. How to set up a “trap” with your questions like an expert cross examiner, only this “trap” will lead someone deep into hypnosis
  • Hypnotic Jujitsu. How to use the power of someone’s “resistance” to demolish that resistance!
  • How to develop your own Trance Inducing Questions so you can create the right questions every time based on the actual person in front of you

By the end of this first session, you’ll most likely be stunned at the number of jaw-dropping “Ah-ha” moments. You’ll know how the “Non-Awareness Set” makes possible a whole new world of hypnotic power and effectiveness.Next…In this next section, you’ll take your new skills, refine them and add them to your existing hypnosis powers to reach a new level of effectiveness.

  • How to transform ANY hypnotic process with the Non-Awareness Set and add extra precision and potency
  • A simple way to refine a classic hypnotic technique so that it is sure to get the result you want
  • How to use my 4 Stage Hypnotic Protocol for hypnosis with the Non-Awareness Set to create your roadmap to hypnosis success.
  • The secret to successfully starting a conversation and within seconds hypnotizing someone with some simple questions and without them having any idea of what your are doing
  • The special technique to use so that opposition and resistance to your wishes becomes almost impossible
  • Warning! Before you can be sure of success with the Non-Awareness Set, there is one thing you must be sure to do. Overlook this and you’ll be trapped with mediocre results
  • What experts do to ensure that any hypnosis session flows naturally so that a successful outcome is almost a foregone conclusion
  • A private coaching session in which you can hear for yourself how to apply the Non-Awareness Set. You’ll be completely confident you can do this for yourself
  • Most people would see this as a problem. For you it will be a unique opportunity to create a powerful trance effect
  • How to activate an automatic response in someone so that they effectively hypnotize themselves. You then simply point them where you want them to go
  • The secret to knowing exactly the right thing to say at any point to create the desired effect. You’ll possess an uncanny ability to zero in on your goal
  • Dozens of examples of words and phrases that have maximum hypnotic impact PLUS a surprising strategy that can be very effective
  • A mistake to avoid if you want to get the best results with the Non-Awareness Set (plus an example of the best approach to use instead)
  • How to artfully paint “verbal pictures” in someone’s mind so that they are irresistibly drawn to the actions you want them to take, even though they think they are acting of their own free will
  • A look inside how someone experiences the Non-Awareness Set. This “inside information” will help you direct people exactly where you want them to go
  • Expert tips on developing your skill so that you consistently pull off astounding feats without people having any idea how you do it

I think you’ll be amazed at what’s possible for you with the Non-Awareness Set.Part 3: The Secret To Effortless
Trance And InfluenceHere’s what’s revealed…

  • A no holds barred question and answer session that covers every aspect of the Non-Awareness Set so you’ll know every trick in the book
  • A unique feature of the Non-Awareness Set that means you are NEVER stuck for words or uncertain about what to do next.Even what seem to be “problems” actually turn out to be ways to move forward faster
  • You’ll be able to “read people like a book” because most people are completely unaware of the signals they are sending you
  • How to win over and influence even the most difficult people. The most introverted or guarded individual will quickly look on you like their closest friend
  • A little known way that Milton Erickson used the Non-Awareness Set to virtually guarantee that people would respond the way he wanted them to. You can easily use this yourself
  • You can’t always use this super-stealth tactic, but when you have the opportunity it will leave someone completely under your control
  • What type of question NEVER to ask. Don’t make this mistake or the result will be complete failure
  • A simple, but highly effective strategy, to know in advance how someone will respond to your questions. This will make it very easy to steer someone the way you want them to go
  • My “Hypnotic Alchemist Technique”. Easily transform resistance into assistance!
  • How to develop a seeming “Sixth Sense” so that you are always in control
  • A single, seemingly innocent question, that will leave someone utterly incapable of resisting your will and completely open to your suggestions

Plus, to conclude the program there’s comprehensive, step by step guide to putting the Non-Awareness Set to work for you in every conceivable situation.And that’s not all. Because you also get…Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
“It Is An Extremely Powerful Tool”“I studied “The Non Awareness Set’ Master Class for several days while traveling to Las Vegas.

On the second day in Las Vegas I used these techniques to hypnotize a bar tender right after he told me he did not believe he could be hypnotized if he did not want to be.

Since then I have used it in trainings and in therapy sessions many times. It is an extremely powerful tool and has all the convincer you need built right into it.”

Steven Solek
Global Support Manager
Sugar Land, Texas, USA

  • Instant online access to: 4 Hours And 32 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You A Master Of This Astonishing Hypnosis Technique
  • Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quickstart Manual” in PDF format that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • This final session is all about the most advanced ways to use the Non-Awareness Set and making your hypnosis effortless and effective.
  • And that’s even without:
  • You’ll discover…
  • Part 2: Who Else Wants To Be
    Effortlessly Irresistible?
  • And that’s just the beginning.
  • As you’ll see, there are simple ways to do that. Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
  • In this first session you’ll discover the basic framework of the “Non-Awareness Set” and the keys to getting the results you want.
  • Spellbinding Stories“How To Tell Spellbinding Stories So That People Hang On Every Word You Say As They Slip Easily Into Hypnosis”Click Here To Learn More
  • Here are a few of the inspirational storytelling secrets you’ll discover (and immediately be able to use) when you have this masterclass:One of the keys to being a great storyteller is being able to come up with a seemingly endless source of new, fresh and exciting ideas.It’s easier than you might think when you know the simple secrets that I reveal in this first session called “Creativity and Spontaneity”
    • How to instantly gain the acceptance and attention of small groups with 4 simple words
    • The small technique that when combined with a little practice can make you a creative and charismatic storyteller, even if up until now you’ve been a terrible storyteller
    • How to confront and eliminate inner inhibitions that keep you from commanding the attention of your audience
    • The biggest mistake you can make when aiming to captivate and influence small groups with stories. Knowing this in advance will mean you avoid embarrassing blunders
    • How to dissolve the “mental fog” that hides your most interesting creative thoughts and makes you boring
    • Mind Access Game #1, #2 and #3. These 3 simple exercises will uncover where compelling stories are hiding in your subconscious and how you can unleash them
    • Story Exercise #1. Take what you learned from the mind games and practice bringing them to life in story form for the first time. The same way you’ll use them to captivate small groups later.
    • Simple tactics to unlock your “Dreaming Mind” and allowing to subconscious to tell the story easily and naturally
    • Free yourself from the mind blocks that restrict your creativity and imagination
    • 5 special hypnotic themes you can weave into your stories to increase their power and effectiveness
    • The 4 step process for introducing a hypnotic theme so that your listeners hang on your every word
    • A brilliantly simple induction technique that will naturally have your listeners nodding their heads in agreement with you
    • Stop the self sabotaging antics your mind normally uses to stifle your unconscious creativity
    • How to avoid stumbling blocks that make stories boring and instead inject excitement that demands their edge-of-the-seat attention
    • The simple way to blend the 4 stage Hypnotic Protocol with storytelling techniques so you both entertain AND influence people
    • BONUS: Apply your hypnotic storytelling methods to the written word so you can hypnotise people with your emails or online chats!

    With the skills you’ll possess at the end of this session, you’ll always have the right idea for a story whenever you need to capture attention.And that’s just the beginning.Part 2: The Secrets Of The Master StorytellersYou’ll discover…

    • How to awaken your creativity and discover inspiration for compelling stories
    • A simple and quick way to energize the part of your mind that creates stories
    • How to kick start your creativity if it starts to weaken
    • Lifesaving techniques to break through inhibition and awkward feelings when engaging small groups with hypnotic storytelling
    • The secret to tapping your unconscious mind to add spice and interest to any story
    • Double your charisma by identifying and expanding your emotional boundaries to make your stories powerful and intense
    • How to use the “Loose / Tight” principle to supercharge your creativity and allow yourself to get specific down to the finest detail in your stories
    • 3 classic storytelling techniques that will cue your unconscious to respond in a spontaneous creative way making it nearly impossible for people not to hang on to every word you say
    • The storytelling blueprint: How to turn boring facts into a mesmerizing story
    • The secret to making every story have meaning and purpose so people remember you long after your story is done
    • How you can take ordinary daily activities (like grocery shopping) and turn them into incredibly intriguing tales
    • 2 simple words to instantly gain acceptance and captivate listeners
    • Simple tactics for adding complex, powerful emotions to stories that will leave your audience breathless
    • How to make stories come around “Full Circle”. This will literally have people clapping their hands in delight
    • Charismatic tips that make your words command attention leaving your audience hanging on your every word
    • How to take advantage of dreams and ambitions to add major drama to even the most mundane story
    • The secret to creating compelling characters that people will connect with and will BEG you to continue so they can discover what happens

    With you new storytelling skills, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can attract and hold people’s attention. You’ll find people drawn to you and open to your influence.Part 3: Adding Hypnotic Power To Your StoriesBy adding hypnotic elements to your stories, you’ll have listeners quickly falling under your spell.

    • Explore this “Item Chain” exercise to unleash your creativity and spontaneity and you’ll never be stuck for words again
    • How to crack open closed-minded people and turn them into lifelong learners
    • A simple tactic that uses nested loops to help people remember the most sensational parts of your story, enhancing your reputation as an amazing conversationalist
    • Create a powerful, motivational and hypnotic cocktail by injecting hidden messages tied to strong emotions for incredible effect
    • The secret to taking small groups, even strangers, on a high octane emotional roller coaster ride that will leave them begging for more
    • The 5 ways you can use hypnotic stories as vehicles to change and influence people’s behaviour in a style that’s completely under the radar
    • How to master embedded commands using the only method guaranteed to produce results (Most people mistakenly use methods that ensure their commands are actually ignored)
    • How to use “mistakes” during your storytelling that make commands stick out and work even better
    • The secret to working with parallel processes and dual realities to change people’s attitudes and make them more receptive to your directions
    • Tactics for programming your subject’s unconscious mind to automatically reinforce the processes and suggestions you have planted
    • How to give firm and direct commands without coming across as being pushy
    • How to get different responses from different people in the same audience listening to the same story
    • Discover how to master your voice, tone, rhythm and pitch the same way as master speakers so that you add drama to your stories and captivate your audience
    • How to create hypnotic contexts and influence small groups without even making direct suggestions
    • Take advantage of “Conceptual Trance Themes” to touch a nerve in a subject making them feel and act exactly as you want them to
    • Start telling stories in natural cycles that make it easy to slip in embedded commands
    • And Finally: Listen to my classic Storyteller Induction get broken down into its simplest parts and discover the secrets to why it is so effective

    With the combined power of compelling stories and hypnosis, you’ll reach new levels of covert influence. Imagine what you can do with this new power. Of course it goes without saying to act ethically and responsibly!And that’s not all. Because you also get.Remember that you get.Click Here To Get Started
    “Anyone In Sales Or Dealing With The Public Will Benefit From This”“As a Speaker, my income depends in a great way on my ability to blend learning lessons into stories.

    “After purchasing and learning Igor’s master Class “Spellbinding Stories” my income climbed and continues to climb.

    “Anyone in Sales or dealing with the Public will benefit from this inexpensive yet powerful program.”

    Colin McKechnie
    Trainer / Speaker
    Turlock, California, USA

  • Instant online access to: 6 Hours And 28 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart Manual
  • A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You A Master Storyteller
  • Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quick-Start Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.
  • Here’s what’s revealed in this session…
  • In this third session (“Hypnotic Storytelling”) you discover how to take your already powerful stories and transform them into virtually irresistible tools of covert influence.
  • And that’s even without:
  • Now it’s time for you to joint the ranks of great storytellers. There are some simple secrets to telling captivating, powerful stories. You’ll have them after listening to this second session.
  • Next…
  • Of course, your expanded creativity and spontaneity will benefit you in all areas of your life, not just when you’re using hypnosis.
  • Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…
  • Now, every one of us has vast reserves of creativity available to us. The trick is tapping into that creativity when you need it.
  • Part 1: How To Unleash Your Creativity And Spontaneity For Hypnotic Power
  • Hypnotic Power Loops“How To Unleash Hypnotic Power Loops To Ensure You Get Amazing Results With Hypnosis”Click Here To Learn More
    • Understanding and dissecting a Power Loop. Once you understand the basic anatomy, it’s easy to create new variations
    • How to take the basic 4 step sequence of any hypnotic process and expand the basic set into 20 or more new combinations
    • 3 types of Loops you can use in almost any situation and that you can use as the foundation for a full-blown Power Loop
    • 3 ways to combine Loops that make it easy and almost effortless to create a Power Loop. You’ll be amazed at the extra power this will give you
    • A simple demonstration of how you can use basic words and ideas to create dozens of different Loops to add variety and power to your hypnosis sessionsWhen you have this masterclass – here is just a few of the secrets you’ll discover…You see, what I call “Hypnotic Loops” are the individual elements of the hypnotic process (for example, inducing trance is one Loop).In this first session of the “How To Unleash Hypnotic Power Loops To Ensure You Get Amazing Results With Hypnosis” Master Class, you’ll really master these fundamentals.Here’s just some of what you’ll find out…

    And that’s just the beginning.Part 2: The Secret To Magnifying
    our Hypnotic PowerHypnotic Sets are very important and very useful to you. This is because they enable you to use someone’s actual experience and memories to get the result you want.You’ll discover…

    • Mini Loops. What they are, how to use them effectively and how to magnify their impact
    • Some inside tips and techniques to make your Loops more impactful and avoid obstacles to getting the results you want
    • The simple formula to create a Hypnotic Set and how to create your own based on these guidelines
    • The 5 most important Hypnotic Sets and when to use them for maximum effect
    • How to make learning easy, overcome seemingly impossible problems and make many problems literally disappear
    • The secret to making changes, new lessons and experiences stick and of lasting value
    • An astonishing way your can create a “6th Sense” to automatically protect you from harmful situations
    • What you can do to program yourself or others to take the right action without even having to think about it
    • How to make desired changes in behaviour (even major challenges) easy and natural

    With the extra abilities you get in this second session, your range and power as a hypnotist will expand dramatically.Part 3: 10 Ways To Be A More Potent
    Hypnotist With Power LoopsHere’s just some of what’s covered…

    • The “Top 10” Power Loops to solve the problems or handle the situations that come up most often in hypnosis sessions
    • 4 additional ways to accelerate any learning process
    • Power Loops for positive people who simply want more out of life. Ways to get the edge over the competition or add to the richness of life
    • How to explode creativity, break through daunting problems and completely transform situations with new and exciting possibilities
    • The secret to creating the golden future of your dreams. There is a remarkably simple process you can use to do this
    • What to do if you’re interrupted before you’ve finished a hypnosis session. You can easily pick up from where you left off without any negative effects
    • Warning! Major problems are rare in hypnosis but you MUST be prepared for them. Here are 3 Loops that will help you avoid problems in the first place and quickly deal with any that do arise

    At the end of these 3 sessions, you’ll have a deeper understanding and command of hypnosis than even some so-called experts.Now, as well as the audio sessions, you also get a “Executive Quickstart Manual” that recaps the key points from the class. It also gives you an easy way to refer back to a particular section at any time.A Special Hypnotic Induction To Make You A Master With Power LoopsInstant online access to: 4 Hours And 40 Minutes Of In-depth Training + An Exclusive Hypnotic Induction + Executive Quickstart ManualClick Here To Get Started
    “Brought Home To Me The
    Power Of Words”“The Master Class on Hypnotic Power Loops brought home to me the power of Words, when used in a Professional way!”

    Milton McIntyre
    Retired Respiratory Therapist
    Philadelphia, PA, USA

  • Remember that you get.
  • And that’s not all. Because you also get.
  • Even better, you can use your new command of the fundamental building blocks of hypnosis to be more accomplished and effective.
  • In this third session (“Thinking Strategically And The Top 10 Power Loops”) you draw on what you’ve discovered so far to create your own library or repertoire of Power Loops. A set of unique Power Loops you can use to achieve specific results.
  • And to complete the picture.
  • They are very powerful.
  • The second sessi
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