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HypnosisDownloads.com – Manly Man – Reclaim Your Masculinity


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It used to be easy to be a man. Masculinity was seen as a force for good; a man could express his manliness in occupations that only men could do.

But the climate has changed. As the roles between men and women have merged it’s harder to know what being a man is supposed to be. People talk about the ‘feminization’ of society. Even men’s magazines are becoming more like womens’ – selling cosmetic products for men and focusing on appearance over all else.

The ‘new man’ is supposed to be sensitive, caring and nurturing, all attributes traditionally associated with being a woman. Yet on average males have much higher levels of testosterone making us more naturally suited to risk taking, competitiveness, physical activity and action. To deny masculine traits is to deny nature.

Women like manly men

Many woman talk about the merits of the ‘nice guy’ but are really more attracted to a man who displays traits traditionally associated with being a manly man.

Traits such as assertiveness, confidence, energy, incisiveness, determination, strength of mind and body, stamina, nobility, self sacrifice and leadership.

Where in your life do you feel like a man?

This celebrates what it means to be a man; to be strong and self controlled and decent. It will unashamedly encourage the real man in you to come forth.

Modern day wimps

Modern life has in many ways produced millions of wimps. who are pushed around and who accept second best.

To be a manly man doesn’t have to mean driving a tractor, getting into fights or working with your hands but the qualities of manliness can be manifested and channeled in any direction.

To be a real man means being confident enough to take defeat on the chin. It means having grace under fire, being dignified, having pride but not boastfulness, knowing how to treat women well and with respect but not allowing yourself to be manipulated or pushed around. Real men can take calculated risks, push fear aside sometimes and be dutiful and chivalrous.

Manliness is not chronological

Being a man isn’t about how many years you’ve clocked (there are millions of thirty year old boys around), it’s not about how square your jaw is or broad your shoulders.

You can have real inner manly qualities and be proud of your manhood in any profession or occupation. Conducting yourself like a real man feels right and you’ll be respected for it.

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