HSM Global Master Series

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HSM Global Master Series

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HSM Global Master Series

HSM Global Master Series

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Master Series HSM is a collection of 7 DVDs aimed at explaining concepts and executive practices that are very important to businesses.
Each DVD shows the most recent theories of Harvard, Wharton and London Business School, and so on, being presented by their most valued teachers.
The best practices and success experiences are exposed by business leaders that left their legacy in the history of great organizations.

1. Marketing and Sales

Experienced marketers and renowned experts from the most creative agencies, in conjunction with sales gurus, bring alive their views on topics ranging from branding and positioning to sales strategies and pricing.

Includes one-on-one interviews with:
• Philip Kotler- Professor at Kellogg School of Management
• Neil Rackham- Sales Expert Consultant and Author of Spin Selling

  1. Innovation

A tour with the greatest experts on innovation to discover the keys that drive growth and change in organizations and the DNA of today’s most successful companies.

Includes one-on-one interviews with:
• Ray Kurzweil- Inventor and Entrepreneur
• Chris Anderson- Editor-in-Chief of Wired Magazine

  1. Globalization

Energy, non-renewable resources, global climate change, political and social crises: The critical issues on the global agenda and the corporations that are reinventing how they do business in order to become sustainable.

Includes one-on-one interviews with:
• Muhammad Yunus- Founder Grameen Bank
• Jeffrey Sachs- Director of The Earth Institute

  1. Strategy and Profitability

Some of the world’s most successful companies face the same challenge: how to stay profitable during times of change. An exclusive documentary on the keys to profitability and strategies to keep your company healthy.

One-on-one interviews with:
• Adrian Slywotzky- Director of Oliver Wyman
• Henry Mintzberg- Author of Managers, Not MBAs

  1. Leadership

From the leadership lessons of former NYC mayor, Rudy Giuliani, to the keys of high performance according to Bill George. Lessons on how to inspire and get the best out of your people.

Includes one-on-one interviews with:
• Herb Kelleher- Founder of Southwest Airlines
• Lyn Heward- Creative Director of Cirque du Soleil

  1. Higher Performance
    Lyn Heward / Bill Conaty
  2. Negotiation
    William Ury / George Kohlrieser
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