Heatmaptracker.com - HeatMapTracker v2 for Agency Licenses LIFETIME

Heatmaptracker.com – HeatMapTracker v2 for Agency Licenses LIFETIME digital course
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Heatmaptracker.com – HeatMapTracker v2 for Agency Licenses LIFETIME

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Heatmaptracker.com - HeatMapTracker v2 for Agency Licenses LIFETIME

Heatmaptracker.com – HeatMapTracker v2 for Agency Licenses LIFETIME

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What is Heat Map Tracker 2.0?

Heat Map Tracker is a software tool to record and watch (real-time) what each visitor does on your website or webpages. Literally you can look over their shoulder as your visitors move around your site.

With Heat Map Tracker 2.0 you are able to:

  • Record Sessions / Playbacks of each visitor to your website or any page you control. For every page during a session, you can watch how your visitors move around on your page(s). And watch when and where they leave you page. Extremely powerful information!
  • Watch and analyze aggregated Heat Maps by Clicks, Eye-Tracking and Scroll. You can select any (aggregated) time period you want. See what part of your page is actually seen (scrolled down to) or find blockages/shortcomings which prevent people to buy or take action.
  • Perform In-Depth Analytics of all recorded data. Such as what kind of Browser, Operating System, User IP, Country and device your visitors use.
  • Store session data on the cloud with Amazon RDS (to save bandwidth on your hosting account and improve page speed and load time). Within the dashboard, you can also easily delete recordings or tracking data. Hence you can decrease your storage (payments).

Some other features:

  • Mobile Tracking. Track not only desktop sessions, but any mobile device (iPhone, Android, iPads etc.) to see the difference between Desktop and Mobile engagement.
  • Self-Hosted with No Limitations. Unlimited websites, page tracks or projects. You need a Linux/PHP server with cpanel (you probably already have).
  • Easy to use and install. Before first time usage, you have to install a script on your server (very easy to install) that creates a dashboard (accessible with any browser). Log into your dashboard and create a new project (a website or page you want to track). The software automatically creates a simple snippet code that you can place on any webpage (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or plain HTML site) you want to track. So you have full control over what pages and when you want to track.

There are 2 license options. A personal usage only or the Agency License.

With the Agency license, you have full White-Label rights to the product where you can

  • Create Unlimited Sub-Accounts.
  • Send Automated Paypal Invoices to Clients.
  • Rebrand the product with own logo (so no signs of Heat Map Tracker at all).
  • Create Unlimited Monthly Income Streams (you can charge between $50-100 per month per client!).

Are there any shortcomings of Heat Map Tracker 2.0?

Well, I used the prior version before myself since October 2013. But this version (since the new owner bought it) has been improved several times significantly. This really is an amazing piece of software. So I cant’ really think of any major shortcomings.

The only thing to consider is that you have to add the snippet code to every page you want to track (if you don’t want it on all pages of your site). This can be time-consuming dependable on the number of pages you want to track.

As far as I know the seller Mark Thompson has a good reputation and is reliable and trustworthy. I do promote a lot of Mark Thompson’s products and love his products. (For more details about other products sold by Mark see the end of this post.)

Why should you buy Heat Map Tracker?

Because it’s the best “Visitor Recordings software” on the market. It is easy to install and you don’t need any tutorial to use the software right away (only for the one-time installation). It is also very flexible. You just decide when and what pages you want to track. It can be used in combination with Amazon RDS (cloud storage) to save you bandwidth and money. The reporting and analyzing features are just astonishing.

But the most important reason to buy is, that finally you can spy on your visitors and know exactly what they are doing. And find out if you reach your goals with your page. See what is working or not on your pages (by testing and tweaking). So you can improve your engagement and conversions. Hence this software will make you more money.

And if you have local clients, the Agency version (for less than double the price) is just a steal to offer to your clients (as your own product, because it’s fully rebrandable) and you’ll make even more money…

Especially if you take into account the one-time and low…

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