Gerald O’Donnell-The Complete Remote Influencing Training System

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Gerald O’Donnell-The Complete Remote Influencing Training System

Gerald O’Donnell-The Complete Remote Influencing Training System

Gerald O’Donnell-The Complete Remote Influencing Training System

Archive : Gerald O’Donnell-The Complete Remote Influencing Training System

The Complete Remote Viewing Training System offers a comprehensive set of knowledge and techniques that will permit you to explore wide realms of your inner mind and will train you to develop your natural capability of Remote Viewing which is the ability to perceive, through a projection of heightened consciousness, both animate and inanimate objects, people, and events, distant in time and/or space.

Created by ARVARI (The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing).

Beyond Remote Viewing

Perceive anything, anywhere, in space and time using potent techniques that go powerfully beyond current Western and Eastern intelligence agencies’ espionage methods. ARVARI uniquely enhances the standard militaristic protocols by applying ancient spiritual secrets in the Academy’s training systems.

This is a revolutionary methodology as compared to classical psychological and meditation protocols. These systems which use the bridge of biological relaxation often coupled with complex breathing, posture, or chanting rituals, tend to keep one’s concentration away from the awareness of becoming pure thought. In effect they often fail to achieve the necessary shift in concentration to attain the sensation of being pure consciousness.

In contrast, The Complete Remote Viewing Training System makes it easy for you to achieve Remote Viewing success by rapidly shifting your mental concentration away from your body and bodily sensations, toward a one-track hyperconscious focus upon your thought processes. Your sensation of being embodied disappears quickly and you then have full access to the infinite powers of your mind.

No Prior Training Is Needed

The Remote Viewing techniques taught by the ARVARI are unique in that they teach you the easily attainable state of mind focused upon the level of the Universal Mind (undifferentiated knowing).

You will be taught to locate your awareness at the brain level of deep Theta (border of Delta) and operate a sort of “mental dance” concentrating attention in a passive-receiving state on the data originating from the Universal Mind and questioning from an active state while avoiding being sucked in by the powerful pole of attraction to the higher Delta level associated with sleep and somnambulistic unconsciousness.

Other techniques such as Associational Remote Viewing are taught in order to permit you to predict in advance the accuracy of a future forecast.

You can investigate your probable future, especially targeting a proximate time frame and then make decisions accordingly.

This method has been successfully applied to predict with a remarkable degree of accuracy the proximate directions and amplitudes of moves of financial markets and other financial instruments.”,Delivery : Digital Download Immediately

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