Gaia - Yogic Paths - Karma Ep.5

Gaia – Yogic Paths – Karma Ep.5 digital course
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Gaia – Yogic Paths – Karma Ep.5

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Gaia – Yogic Paths – Karma Ep.5


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Arichive : Gaia – Yogic Paths – Karma Ep.5

Raja Yoga has been called the “Resplendent Yoga of Spiritual Kings” and the “Royal Path.” The techniques taught through this practice focus largely on meditation, learning how to control the mind, to understand and recognize the mind for what it is so that we can become the ruler of our lives and the master of our own minds.

Created from Patanjali’s eight-fold path, Raja Yoga focuses on the Yamas and Niyamas (moral code of conduct), Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Pratyhara (control of the senses), Dharana (focused concentration), Dhyana (meditation on the divine), and Samadhi (union with the Divine).

Featuring: Geeta Iyengar, Swami Suddhananda, Yogi Buddhi Prakash, Nataraj – Sivananda Ashram, Sr. Draupadi, Christopher Key Chapple, Sally Kempton, Swami Shantatmananda, Hamsa Chaitanya, Krishna Kaur Khalsa, Dean Radin PhD, Anand Mehrotra, Yogi Amandeep
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