EOC Institute - EquiSync Meditation Program - Full Series

EOC Institute – EquiSync Meditation Program – Full Series digital course
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EOC Institute – EquiSync Meditation Program – Full Series

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EOC Institute – EquiSync Meditation Program – Full Series


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Arichive : EOC Institute – EquiSync Meditation Program – Full Series

EquiSync® is a powerfully effective mind development tool designed to help you achieve a deep, super pleasurable, extremely beneficial state of deep meditation, quickly, safely and easily. Backed by extensively researched, deeply featured, multi-layered sound technology, EquiSync’s perfect equilibrium of brainwave entrainment frequencies are designed to help you unlock the limitless power of your brain & mind, creating the perfect mental, emotional, and physical environment for ultimate potential realization.

With EOC Institute’s highly advanced, precisely designed brainwave entrainment technology, listening to Equi-Sync audio with headphones is designed to bring you the limitless benefits of meditation much faster than the traditional route:

Access to deep super-pleasurable meditative states without years of practice
Easy access to your limitless subconscious mind power
Strengthened immune system, health, longevity, and overall well-being
Renewed feelings of inspiration, vitality, rejuvenation, happiness, and confidence
Improved sleep, with a reduction in episodes of insomnia and a boost of enhanced energy
Permanent reduction in stress, anxiety, worry, depression, irritability, and moodiness
Ability to attain the necessary mindset to reach self-actualization and enlightenment
Renewed understanding of the importance of “living in the now”
Natural boost in DHEA, Serotonin, GABA, Melatonin, Endorphins, and reduction in Cortisol
Elimination of uncontrollable habits, fears, and phobias
Significant reduction in “mind chatter” and self-destructive impulses
An avenue of exploration and expansion of your self-awareness and state of consciousness
Increased emotional intelligence, psychological balance, and mental harmony
Enhanced motivation, personal growth, intuition, creativity, and goal-reaching abilities
Attraction and manifestation all of your personal and altruistic desires
Increased mental processing abilities and instant “whole brain synchronization”
Increased learning ability, memory, and concentration
Maintenance of clarity of thought at all times.

EquiSync I

CD-1 Discovery
CD-2 Rejuvenation
CD-3 Illumination

EquiSync II

CD-1 Expansion
CD-2 Breakthrough
CD-3 Metamorphosis

EquiSync III

CD-1 Equilibrium
CD-2 Immortality
CD-3 Eternity

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$79.00 $22.00

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