Elma Mayer - Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator

Elma Mayer – Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator digital course
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Elma Mayer – Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator

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Elma Mayer - Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator

Elma Mayer – Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator

Archive : Elma Mayer – Overwhelm-Crazy-Busy Buster & Healing Integrator

  • Feel frenzied & frazzled, always running to put out fires?
  • Stay stuck in self-doubt, or frozen in fear?
  • Delay & dither, with difficulty making decisions?
  • Spread yourself thin for others, with no time for yourself?
  • Feel scattered and “Crazy-Busy!!!”
  • Work way too hard – but accomplish too little?
  • Long for that easy flow that you KNOW is possible… but you beat yourself up for “failing”?

Even having one of these symptoms blocks your health… sabotages your success… ruins relationships… and sucks the joy from your life.

  • RELAXATION TECHNIQUES: meditation, massage, yoga, breath-work, baths, prayer, patting your cat, walks in the woods. (Those are all great, but you’re still too stressed!)
  • DISTRACTION: TV binges, social media addiction, shopping,
  • NUMBING: food, over-eating, alcohol, pot, Xanax, over-exercising
  • NATURAL STUFF: Rescue Remedy, essential oils, herbs, supplements (great stuff, but often not enough!)
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: self help, therapy, coaching, hypnosis, old-school healers
  • EFT TAPPING (which I love… but this is even faster and deeper!)

This Power-Healing Audio makes it easy to…  

  • Stop feeling stressed & swamped… fast.
  • Snap back to your Center. Clarity. Courage.
  • Get unstuck & move forward… in effortless flow.
  • Be strong & resilient, regardless of external turbulence!
  • Handle what used to be stress… with ease.
  • And ultimately, build up a new “morphic field” of upgraded stress responses…

A super-fast new form of healing  

This audio contains “12x Power-Alignments”  

So you get two hours of deep healing… in 10 minutes.

Yep, you are busy. This unique audio was designed exactly for that!

It’s a radical new kind of healing. To de-stress you, super fast.

No one else does this! This new “secret” technology is completely unique. Truly a quick fix – but it actually works!

New energy-healing technology allows you to: 

  • Save tons of time. There’s no need to sit through several hours of slow healing sessions. In just 10 minutes, you get two hours’ worth of power-healing! (When you’re “crazy-busy”, this is an enormous blessing!)
  • Get amplified healing. This unique process gives you a stronger “12x dosage” of healing Alignments.
  • Multi-dimensional & multi-layered healing. Each audio has many simultaneous healing fields. Limiting beliefs, ancestral patterns, karma (and every part of your body, mind, and spirit) are all being Aligned... At the same time!


“Everything I was juggling started to fall into place, in days.  

Within 2 months I had a new job, new house. It feels so good to get unstuck.”  

– RE, Massachusetts

These audios are not just faster… they amplify the healing field exponentially. 

The audios are compressed into synergistic layers – in a proprietary, totally unique way.

Note: Even if other healers are beginning to copy this technique of “layered” audios, they are not using Elma’s unique secret technology!

Try it now! You could be stress-free in just 10 minutes.  

There’s nothing to lose… with our 30-day money-back guarantee (See below)

Free Sample Healing! Watch the Video to get instant shifts for YOUR Overwhelms.

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