Elma Mayer/Now Healing- Upgrade Patterns and Habits

Elma Mayer/Now Healing- Upgrade Patterns and Habits digital course
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Elma Mayer/Now Healing- Upgrade Patterns and Habits

Elma Mayer/Now Healing- Upgrade Patterns and Habits

Elma Mayer/Now Healing- Upgrade Patterns and Habits

Elma Mayer/Now Healing- Upgrade Patterns and Habits

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Heal your Habits

Does repeating a habit for 30 days actually “create a new habit?” Uh, yeah, right!

It’s haphazard to rely on repetition. (And if you’re like me, it’s not just haphazard, it’s half-assed!) Sure, repeated action can help – but only if it is Aligned with the big picture. You gotta “work it” on all levels – not just behaviorally, not just body-mind-spiritually, but temporally, spatially, energetically, informationally, and morphically!

Will Power is a myth, and a mis-direction. It attracts its opposite: “Won’t Power.”
So… What does actually work? Here’s a different approach… your field will shift instantly.

Try it Now – Free Alignment: “Heal Your Habits”

What shifted for you? Please Comment Below!

Morphic Healing for your Habits

Morphic Fields are basically the habits of the universe. And your personal patterns and habits are Morphic Fields too.  The easiest way to change a habit is to simply create a new Morphic Field – and then energetically Align with that new state. So “morphic healing” is the perfect way to shift your personal patterns.

Ready for some live Morphic Healing? Join us for…

Guided Healing Teleseminars – Live, Every Month!

Teleseminar: Upgrade your Habits & Patterns.
Transcend YOUR unwanted patterns… from large life-limiting patterns like:

  • Self-sabotage – of your health, purpose, and life.
  • Addiction
  • OCD or other repetitive behavior
  • Habitual negative thoughts, judgements, mental arguments, etc
  • Sitting too much, so your lower back, lymph and blood circulation suffer.
  • Staying up late, so you’re always exhausted

… to the annoying little daily stuff (that can have huge ripple effects in your life) like:

  • Messiness... so you feel subtly irritated, oppressed, depressed, which distorts your productivity, creativity, and even your hormones
  • Tardiness, which causes stress and high cortisol levels
  • Bad posture… which crunches up your internal organs, and feeds back into low self-esteem
  • A wee little too much sugar in your coffee each day! You know what I mean!
  • “Nervous” behavior, like hair-twirling, nail-biting, foot-wiggling… which makes you feel like a weirdo, when you catch yourself doing it!

You will shift the field of ANY  habit of your choice.

And even better… Create your ideal healthy pattern!

Oops, you missed the teleseminar “Upgrade Your Habits” from June 2014, sorry!

But you can still get the Replay, when you join the Guided Healing Teleseminars Annual Membership.

NEW! Live Teleseminar – October 7 2017:
Life Habits Flow”

Heal your WHOLE Life… through the lens of your habits, personal behaviors, patterns, time cycles, productivity, sleep, money habits, and whatever you most want. Bring YOUR annoying habit, and let’s heal it!

What’s the difference between a) Upgrade Your Habits from 2014, and b) this new Life Habits Flow call from October 2017? Well, a lot! For instance, in this new call, I’ll be doing more advanced work with your habits as a “Flow” and I’ll be using the incredibly powerful Flower of Life/Healing Helix. (I had not yet invented the Healing Helix back in 2014, so this call will uncover deeeeeep healing for new flows!)

Click Here to Enroll – let’s heal your Life Habits Flow!

If you miss it, you can get ALL the replays when you join theAnnual Membership.

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