Deborah Gracie - BJJ Self Defense for Women

Deborah Gracie – BJJ Self Defense for Women digital course

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Deborah Gracie – BJJ Self Defense for Women

Salepage : Deborah Gracie – BJJ Self Defense for Women

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No one knows Self Defense Like the Gracies!

  • Deborah Gracie leads the charge in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self Defense For Women.
  • Cover the essential situations that occur on the street, and be prepared.
  • Learn how to defend yourself from wrist grabs, hair pulls, slaps, and MUCH MORE!
  • Regardless of experience level, you CAN learn the essentials with Deborah Gracie’s help!

Part 1:

Deborah Gracie Introduction

Stambowsky Lineage Introduction

Importance of Self Defense

Preventing the Attack Through Verbal Self Defense

Introduction to Essential Movements

Seated Break Fall

Standing Break Fall

Technical Stand Up

Hip Escape ‘Shrimping’

Drilling the Essential Movements

Managing Distance Against One Handed Striking

Managing Distance Against Two Handed Striking

Part 2:

Introduction to the Wrist Grab Series

Wrist Release #1

Wrist Release #2

Wrist Release #3

Wrist Release #4

Wrist Release #5

Wrist Release #6

Arm Grab Wrist Lock

Introduction to the ‘Hair Grab’ Series

Hair Grab Defense #1

Hair Grab Defense #2

Hair Grab Defense #3

Slam Grab

Body Slam Defense #1 ‘Calf Hook’

Body Slam Defense #2

Body Slam Defense #3

Part 3:

Dealing with the Rear Full Body Clinch

Dealing with the Frontal Full Body Clinch

Dealing with Hand Strangle

Rear Forearm Strangle Defense Square Stance

Rear Forearm Strangle Defense Split Stance

Introduction to Bottom Submissions

Arm bar from Bottom

Double Armbar

T-Shirt Strangle

Introduction Copa Cabaña Fiancé

Copa Cabaña Fiancé Defense #1

Copa Cabaña Fiancé Defense #2


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Deborah Gracie Stambowsky is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Márcio Stambowsky, being one of only two women in the Gracie family to have reached the rank of black belt (the other being Kyra Gracie). Deborah Gracie Stambowsky is also known for her work towards the development of jiu jitsu in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where she has formed a successful a team of female competitors through the country’s school program.

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