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Dean Horvath – Selling Luxury Travel 2019

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Dean Horvath – Selling Luxury Travel 2019


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I’ve Been There.

Hi, I’m Dean Horvath, and I’ve been where you are.

For years after graduating, I bounced from job to job, searching for something I could feel passionate about.
Finally, I landed a job in travel and I found my passion. But, I was working for a large, global company and they worked me to the bone.
So I opened my own luxury travel company called Mason Horvath Travel. It was an immediate success and grew to 20 people and over $20 million in sales.
But, I wasn’t happy. Like most entrepreneurs, I spend way too much time at the office. My home life was suffering. I was missing out on my kids growing up.
That’s when I made a change. I switched myself and all of my employees to Independent Luxury Travel Advisors.
Now we have the best job in the world. 
It’s time to make a change.

What is a

Luxury Travel Advisor?

Imagine spending your days discussing 5-star hotels and resorts, researching luxury cruise lines and advising your clients on the best things to do in Dubai.

This is the life of a Luxury Travel Advisor.
You are your own boss. You only work with the clients you like. They trust you to plan their travel to all parts of the globe. You put together their dream vacations and then monitor their trip to ensure everything is going as planned.
You work when you like, wherever you like.
The Huffington Post says the Luxury Travel Advisor is “The Best Job in the World”.
You work whenever and wherever you like.
As a Luxury Travel Advisor, you can work as much as you like.
It’s flexible. Need a couple of hours during the day to get to the gym? No problem. Or an afternoon to take your child to the dentist? It’s up to you. It all just depends on how many clients you choose to take on.
You have the flexibility to work wherever you like. Most Independent Luxury Travel Advisors work from home. But if you’re not the “home office” type, you can rent a desk in a local travel company.
The best part is that you can even work on the road. Travel the world and work from anywhere with an Internet connection.
Forbes Magazine says the role of Luxury Travel Advisor is a “Dream Job”.
Can you really travel for free?
When I tell people I’m a Luxury Travel Advisor, the first question I always get is “Do you get to travel the world for free?
And the answer is…”Sometimes. And sometimes there’s a small fee. But either way, it’s an unbelievable deal!”
Luxury hotels and tour operators all over the world are eager to have successful Luxury Travel Advisors experience what they have to offer. They realize that once we experience their product, it will be much easier to sell.
Of course, you have to actually be selling luxury travel to take advantage of these opportunities. Once you are, you too will be travelling around the world in luxury!
Oprah calls it “The Happiest Job in America”.

It’s Your Time to Become a Luxury Travel Advisor –

The Best Job in the World.
I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from over 20 years in the travel business (while building a $20 million business and training over 125 new people to the industry) and created a comprehensive, step-by-step training and implementation plan that not only teaches you the mechanics of the job, but also the actual EXECUTION of how you can be successful right from the start.
This program is designed to kick off your career selling Luxury Travel with the foundation you need to get going. You’ll learn the exact processes I’ve been teaching to take your new clients through the entire planning and purchasing process, the “how-to” of where to find and book their travel, plus the entire marketing plan I’ve used to build a $20 million business!
The end result: new career selling luxury travel, the opportunity to earn a six figure salary, the ability to fly all over the world, and, most importantly, a job you are passionate about that allows you the flexibility to live your life on your terms.
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