David Tian - Limitless 2.0 Week 6

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David Tian – Limitless 2.0 Week 6

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David Tian – Limitless 2.0 Week 6

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Imagine:You’re a young man living 10,000 years ago… in a tribe with 50 others.
In your tribe, there is a dominant, charismatic, powerful male leader. You admire and respect him, but also fear
him. Every time you see him, you avert your gaze to avoid direct eye contact.
Lately, you’ve noticed that you’re thinking more and more about becoming a leader yourself. You can imagine
being admired by others and being the one to lead the hunts for food.
You’ve also noticed that your temper and emotions are becoming harder to control. Something seems to be
happening inside of you that is making you more and more irritable. You’ve also noticed hair growing on your
face and muscles growing on your body.
One day, while you’re walking alone in the trees, you see a familiar waterfall, with a pond below. In the pond is a
beautiful young woman you’ve admired for many years… bathing.
For some reason, on this day, she appears dierent to you. Today, you have an unfamiliar feeling inside. At this
moment, you feel an overwhelming desire to be with her… in a way you don’t understand.
As you approach her, she turns and sees you.
For a split-second, all of time seems to freeze… as you look into each other’s eyes. It’s in that moment you
realize that she’s feeling something, too.
You walk toward her, and she walks toward you. You don’t know what’s about to happen, but you can feel
something moving you forward… a drive that seems to be coming from deep within you.
As you get closer to this beautiful being standing in front of you, she smiles… and looks at your face.
You reach a hand out to touch her arm. This time, the touch feels very unusual. You breathe deep. Your pulse

begins to quicken. You can feel the hairs on your body stand up in waves.
You are so focused on the action that’s unfolding, that you don’t notice a rustling in the trees behind you.
All at once, you sense the presence of others. You spin your head around to see who is behind you.
And there stands the leader of your group, along with many other adults, including your mom and dad.
An instinctive sense of fear strikes deep into your stomach… your eyes widen… and your throat becomes
constricted and dry. You feel as if you’re in great danger, even though you’ve done nothing wrong.
The leader of your group is looking directly at you, with a look that makes you fear for your life.
“The Boy Must Die!” he yells.
Your mother runs to him, protesting… “No, he’s just a boy, he’s done nothing wrong!”
But her cries fall on deaf ears.
The leader of your group, along with several other men, take you away from this beautiful girl, and drag you into
the forest.
They blindfold you and take you to a hidden cave… a cave that you’ve only heard stories about.
Over the next couple days, four other young men are brought to the prison-like cave, too. It seems as if all of you
have been sentenced to death.
The men from your group, including the leader, then come into the cave. They are painted with strange symbols
on their faces and bodies.
They look sternly at you and the other young men… and the leader says “It is time for the boys to die.”
One-by-one, they take each of you and force you to eat some putrid vegetables. Next, they rub a sticky mixture
of fruit pulp on all of you… from head to toe.
Then the painted men leave.
You are alone with the others, all preparing to die, in mortal fear.
You here the frightening sound of large logs being stacked across the front of the cave, sealing you and the
other boys inside.

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