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David Kahn – Krav Maga Weapon Defenses

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Israeli Krav Maga Impact Weapon Defenses

To harm you with an r impact weapon, an attacker must close the distance. If you see the attacker brandishing a weapon before he can close on you, you will escape when possible. The assailant usually knows this and will conceal the weapon until it is opportune to present it. In addition, a criminally minded assailant would prefer not to have witnesses or as few as possible up until the very last moment of the attack. If you witness a crime, you may be the next victim as the attacker wishes to eliminate anyone who can identify him.

In krav maga, you will learn a few elementary techniques that you can perform instinctively and apply to a wide variety of situations. You’ll learn how to protect your vital points and organs. Equally important, you’ll know how to debilitate an opponent by striking his or her vital anatomy. If the situation requires, krav maga will teach you how to maximize the damage you can inflict by striking, kneeing, kicking, chopping, gouging, choking, dislocating joints, breaking bones, and taking your opponent down to the ground.Impact weapon attacks can come in many forms. For example, someone can try to smash you with a baton, hammer, crow-bar, impact weapon-like object, bottle, chair and anything onsite an assailant can pick up to hit you. The three fundamental principals are either  to close the distance between you and the assailant while deflecting-redirecting the attack; disengage until you recognize the correct timing to then close the distance or  retreat straight away. Attacks can come from a myriad of directions, heights, and angles in single swing attacks or multiple salvoes. Impact weapons (along with edged weapons) are often referred to in krav maga parlance as “cold weapons.”

Recognize that a person with any type of blunt object in his hand could potentially use it as impact or jettison it as a weapon or means of distraction. The end of the impact weapon generates the most force as the assailant’s wrist is used as a fulcrum. Therefore, the most dangerous range of the attack is to be struck with the end of the weapon. In other words, the ballistic object’s momentum decreases the closer you come to the assailant’s swinging wrist. As noted, impact weapon defenses require the defender to stymie the attack by closing the distance to simultaneously deflect-redirect or absorb the swinging arm’s (not the weapon) impact. As with all krav maga defenses, the hand always leads the body to deflect-redirect in conjunction with simultaneous multiple counterattacks. Notably, impact weapons defense – unlike edged and firearm defenses – move directly along the line of intended attack rather than “off the line.”

We will focus on four common types of impact weapon attacks: overhead, overhead “off angle”, sideswing and lower quadrant attacks. The danger, as with all weapon attacks, is that the assailant can change the angle of attack to counter your initial defense. This is remedied by performing the same defense regardless of the impact weapon’s trajectory.

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