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David Hood – Passive Stealth Leads System

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David Hood – Passive Stealth Leads System


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1) Can you give me more details about the Hyper Speed Upgrade?

I’ve attached a screenshot below of what the Hyper Speed Upgrade areas look like right now.

Not all of them are completely filled out at the moment, but there’s some valuable pieces already in there and I will be filling it out to near completion within the next few days.

I got this response from someone already in there: “thanks for …[redacted].. man i was hoping for some gold like that!”

This was in response to giving some extra context to getting started that I was able to give by sharing my actual earnings data by niche.

The Sales Partner Communications will include video, mp3, text (whatever I have) related to finding, calling up, negotiating, and closing new lead generation partners.

This is something where I have some data for already and will be creating some new content where I go to see if I can get a better price for my HVAC and another niche leads by searching up businesses, contacting them…all the way until they tell me to fuck off or say yes.

I also will show real live lead generation sites that I’ve built and all the details about what I did with them.

(2) What does it cost to implement this system?

The vast majority the expenses are for verifying GMB’s (citation work, domain registration and hosting are other common, but typically smaller costs).

I’m going to be providing at least 1 basically free method (currently testing it again since haven’t used it in a while to make sure), but it is more work.

A method that is kinda cheap, but still a little bit of work

A super easy way to just spend money and almost no work and get them verified. This is the one I’ve been choosing, so this is where the expensives have come into play.

So, how much you spend on $$ or time is up to you to a significant degree.

(3) I find my biggest struggle is with sales as I am not one that enjoys cold calling. Ranking sites has never been an issue for me though. What methods are you teaching within this to land sales with potential clients?

Based upon my research, this is a major sticking point for others, so I take this issue VERY seriously.

I discuss 2 different paths to lead sales in the program:

(A) Where you deal with a national partner that can take all calls across the country (or a wide area of the country depending on the partner and your niche).

If you’ve gotten my Lead Gen cheat sheet, then think of the product expanding on what is in there.

These partners tend to be simpler to deal with, but have a generally lower value per lead because they are taking a cut from the end customer.

You may only need to find 1 partner like this and you’re set.


(B) Where you get a local partner through more typical sales processes — researching potential businesses to sell your leads to, how I would go about contacting them, how I negotiate with them, exactly what I would say/position my offer to them.

I do go into some mindset issues and how to increase your ability to overcome the resistence to picking up the phone. (Hint: Your brain is misleading you)

This is also expanded on in the Hyper Speed Upgrade where you will get to see exactly how I deal with these situations and watch as fight through my own resistence (I don’t want to make these calls either).

I also go even further down the mindset hole here.

The good news with this is that you typically don’t need that many partners and can often find one that services multiple metro areas and perhaps even multiple niches.

(4) Are PBNs necessary to have success with the methods used for lead gen?

Most definitely no! I have several sites with no pbn links. I also give some … easy link building alternatives.

(5) What is a “lead generation partner?”

A lead generation partner is a business you send leads to that pays you for qualified leads

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