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Danny Iny – Course Builder’s Laboratory

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Danny Iny – Course Builder’s Laboratory


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What is Course Builder’s Laboratory?

CBL is a training program created by Danny Iny to help coaches, entrepreneurs, experts, and any professional service provider to create profitable online courses so they can share their knowledge with the world.

The training is delivered in 8 modules of video tutorials where you start step-by-step including knowing what exactly your students from you (in the piloting process as I’ll show you in a moment.)

How will CBL help you in your business?

CBL is designed to help entrepreneurs, authors, experts, and professional service providers like coaches to create their online courses with ease and confidence.

So instead of spending days trying to sign new students to work directly with you, now you can create online courses and sell them to the world, so you save hours of wasted time and disappointment.

And even if you are a busy professional who has many students and spends all the days teaching, with online courses you can put your message in front of thousands of students without working too many hours. So you can help more people while enjoying the freedom this can get you.

Ordinary people will tell you that you need to work more hours to find more students or to teach more people to gain a little amount of money for your family. But smart people like you go the opposite direction and create courses that can be much profitable while working less time.

What do you get inside Course Builder’s Laboratory?

First, you need to know that CBL is different from other courses…

As you may have noticed, I say “book your call” on all buttons on this page instead of “buy it” because you can’t buy the program directly. You’ll first need to go on a call with Danny’s team to make sure this program is the right fit for you and in the meantime.

Also, unlike other courses that give you materials and leave you alone, every CBL member will be assigned a personal coach and will even get this coach’s phone number. This means you’ll be able to call your coach when you most need to.

But because the number of qualified coaches who can work with members is limited, Danny has decided to limit the number of spots available for every cohort. You can choose your cohort time based on your schedule and availability. On the next page, you’ll see the exact dates and spots left for each cohort.

Another awesome thing about CBL is that every version is updated based on the feedback Danny gets from members of the previous version. Not only that, but Danny modified the materials based on the input he has received from teaching experts from Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.

Let’s jump now to the core training modules…

Module 1: Determining Your Pilot Course

This module is like the overview and roadmap of the entire program. Here you’ll learn how to define your target market, and how to get the best possible idea for your course.

You’ll also learn how to validate your idea before you spend much time and energy (and even money) in creating your course.

And then the module ends with the mindset and the roadmap you need for online success no matter what your online experience is.

This is a foundational module that sets the stage for your success in your entire course-building journey.

Module 2: Researching Your Pilot Course

Your taste is not like mine, and if I want to learn from you, then I’ll want to learn something that resonates with my taste. Right?

This is why in this module, Danny will teach you how to make sure that your idea resonates with your market, and a simple way to guarantee it will sell when you create your course. In fact, he’ll show you a way to get paid even before you finish your course!

You’ll learn how to understand the language of your audience and use it to make your offer irresistible…

While at the same time, you’ll learn how to research your competitors like a pro.

Module 3: Planning Your Pilot Course

By the time you reach this module, you should have validated your idea. So now is the time to put it into action…

Here, Danny will teach you the 3 types of course structure that you can use beside the way to determine the price of your pilot course.

He covers also how to welcome new students, so they are happy to buy your main course later. And if you are intimidated by technology, you’ll learn a way to overcome any technology challenge like creating videos.

After you plan your pilot course, you ready to create and sell it.

Module 4: Selling Your Pilot Course

Now is the time to sell your pilot course after all this work of planning. But since most people feel nervous when it comes to selling, Danny has dedicated the first part of this module to help you overcome this fear.

Then he gives you the 3 proven strategies that his company “Mirasee” uses in all their selling processes. And you will learn how to choose which strategy to apply based on your unique situation.

And the last part of this module covers how to evaluate your sales results and overcome any problem that might arise.

Module 5: Delivering Your Pilot Course

Now you’ll need to know whether your pilot course was a success or not. There’s a test you’ll learn it in this module which will make the results clear for you…

Then based on the results of this test, you’ll choose which of the 3 options for moving forward is the best for your situation.

In the case of a failed pilot, Danny will show you how to turn that failure into success…

Remember that the goal of your pilot is to gather feedback and decide which way you take.

Module 6: Outlining Your Full-Scale Course

Finally, you are ready to launch your course. Once you learn the right format and price of your course based on the pilot results, it will be easy to create your full course.

After creating your product, the most critical part of the process is here: how to launch it with maximum success…

Danny shows you different marketing strategies and tactics to launch including the best times to do your launch. And he pays special attention to the most lucrative launch type; JV launch. Danny offers great material here, but you can’t compare it with Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker where the entire course is dedicated to launches. This is the perfect companion to CBL, and it’s open for enrolment these days as well.

Module 7: Creating Your Full-Scale Course

Here your goal is to create your full course and support your students, so they love what they get so the refund rate would be the lowest.

Danny shows you how to create your course step-by-step including the 5 learning styles and 2 modalities to consider for maximum success.

He shows you how to communicate with your students (especially your first email.) So you will learn how to create your course and how to keep your students engaged and excited.

So, in module 6, you put the launch strategy, then here you create the product. Now, You are ready to launch

Module 8: Marketing Your Full-Scale Course

After you complete your course, Danny will teach you how to market it to both warm (people who know you) and cold (new visitors) traffic…

He focuses on paid advertising as the best method to scale mainly Facebook ads (besides doing a JV launch.)

Then he finishes the course by giving you the 5 proven growth strategies, so you can pick one or more and start scaling your business.

Last but not least, Danny shows you advanced tools and strategies for growth, and where you should go for your next steps.

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