Chris Mathews – The Trader’s Mindset Course

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Chris Mathews – The Trader’s Mindset Course

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Chris Mathews – The Trader’s Mindset Course

Chris Mathews – The Trader’s Mindset Course

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I’ve used the picture of military training for a very good reason. …

Learning to beat the Forex market is just like the reality of training for battle. There is a gruelling process of skills training, drills, discipline and “battle hardening” which has to take place.  Soldiers are mentally prepared for tough fighting conditions. Without their mental training they would quickly fail

Let’s leave the military comparison and get right to the shocking revelation.

99% of Forex Traders know nothing about the critical trader’s mind-set.


Not a single Forex trader survives the brutalities of the market place without intensive mind training, and the ability to master their own thoughts…psychology….emotions….call it what you want.

What I’m talking about is the single biggest reason why traders fail. Look at the figures from my black ops training program one more time: After only 12 months and out of 293 recruits:

  • Only 121 still had trading accounts
  • Only 27 had made a profit.
  • Only 14 had made more than a 50% return
  • Only 6 had doubled their accounts or better

I want you to know exactly why these figures are real, and why you will probably NOT be in the the group of 47 who made a profit. Let’s look at this more closely.

“8 Factors which WILL DEFINITELY NOT secure your success as a Forex trader”

Finding a profitable trading system

Trading with a reliable Forex broker

Studying Forex trading books

Participating in Forex forums

Buying Forex E-books (good or bad)

Using professional charting packages

Paying for Forex signal services (even profitable services)

Attending expensive Forex training seminars

Believe it or not, almost every Forex trader (and there are hundreds of thousands of us) has done all or most of the “essential” stuff above. You can check them off your own private list, and you might find I’m right about you as well.

Essential? Yeah right! In my boot camp, only 6 out of 293 recruits were successful. And all 293 folks had done all the stuff in the list above. Religiously.

That’s 2.084%

Let me tell you a very quick story, which almost cost a friend his life…

I have a very good friend, who happens to be one of the very best Forex traders there is. I mean, this dude is a serious hard-hitter.

He has designed over 10 highly profitable trading systems. He has worked for a large bank as a Forex trader. He’s managed millions of dollars for private hedge funds, and today has a following of over 25,000 traders.

Let’s rewind the years and travel back in time to 2003.

James was intelligent and experienced in Forex, and had the world at his feet. He was managing a large fund, and placing trades of over 30 million dollars at a time through his Forex broker. He was highly skilled, exceptionally profitable and well respected throughout the Forex community.

He had mastered almost everything related to Forex, and was doing well. Really well.

Until late 2004, when he lost everything through horrendous trade choices. Maybe you know how it feels.

What went wrong?

It wasn’t because James wasn’t clever, skilled or experienced. It wasn’t because he hadn’t studied Forex intensively throughout his early years as a trader. And it definitely wasn’t because he had a dishonest broker or a poor charting package.

It was because he was missing the most important , powerful “x-factor” which almost every single trader misses. Even the big players.

What I’m going to reveal to you in this report, is probably the single most important information you will ever learn as a trader, and I’m going to show you how you can get your hands on it today – right now.

“First, read these letters from real traders with live Forex accounts in 2009:”

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