BaZi Profiling Series - The Analyzer (Direct Resource Profile)PDF

BaZi Profiling Series – The Analyzer (Direct Resource Profile)PDF digital course

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BaZi Profiling Series – The Analyzer (Direct Resource Profile)PDF

Salepage : BaZi Profiling Series – The Analyzer (Direct Resource Profile)PDF

What is the Analyzer personality like? What does your ‘style’ of operation say about you in life?

Typically introspective, the Analyzer is known for their brainpower, their considerable intellect and reputation of being wise and knowledgeable. They have sophisticated practices and tastes in their habits, and dislikes anything flashy or attention-seeking.

On the other hand, they can be overly laidback or too impractical. Prone to mood swings, they rely too much on an emotional compass. They can be too proud and pretentious, and can easily be seen as snobbish because they consider themselves too good for others.

Discover in this concise and easy-to-understand book your unique abilities and skills as it helps you understand what you do in the world and how your actions are manifested. This book outlines your plus points and your negative points, and insights on the work, intimate and social masks that you wear to function as an unique individual.

It provides ideas on your work style, suitable careers, job roles and leadership style. There is even a special section to show others how to deal with someone like you!


Knowing What to Do… and Doing It

Everything you’ve ever experienced, good or bad is attributed to who you are. Your Profile is your lens to the outside world.

The printout of your Profile chart from my website, as mentioned earlier, will indicate clearly your Main Profile as well as its complementary side – that is, your Sub Profile (or Secondary Profile).

The Main Profile shows your primary role in life while your Sub Profile tells you your secondary role. Both profiles are equally important as human beings are complex creatures. We play different roles in different circumstances and environments in life. Who we are at work can be totally different from who we are at home.

In this book, you will also see sections describing your Intimate Subtype and Social Subtype.

Intimate Subtype describes your relationship mask – how you respond, react and behave in a relationship. Your Social Subtype describes your social mask – how you behave with close friends and in the world at large.

There is also a section describing your Hidden Nature. A person’s hidden nature relates to what is on the inside. What subtly drives and motivates you to do the things you do and behave the way you do? Some of these hidden attributes may be aspects or traits that you aren’t even consciously aware of.

You will also discover how your Profile operates in your career, and while under pressure. Learn the types of jobs that are easiest for your Profile to pursue. Discover what kinds of industries or disciplines towards which you’re naturally inclined. And more importantly, learn how to become more effective in your work. To do this we will also discuss your profile’s leadership style and what kind of skills will need to acquire to enable you to become more influential as a leader.

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