Bashar - The 5th Law

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Bashar – The 5th Law

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Bashar - The 5th Law

Q&A includes:
• What are the hidden reasons behind my wrist injury?
• How can I overcome a hidden revenge I feel when my girlfriend is unhappy?
• How can I help my brother who has seizures?
• Is there anything you can tell about my origin?
• Exploring the concept of “Love at First Sight.”
• I am saddened by the number of homeless people.
• Help Bashar! Being in the now causes me to lose my memory!
• How can connecting to our “past” lives help us in the present?
• What is a spiritual union and how do you obtain it?
• How can I help the environment and solve the pollution problem on this planet?
• What is the best way to quiet the ego?
• How can I improve my relationship with my father?
• How should I react if someone lies to me?
• Are there limits to possibilities of shifting?
• Can someone who is incarcerated in prison shift themselves to a reality in which they are free?
• Is it in human nature the desire for greed power and dominance?
• Have I chosen a reality in which war exists?
• Do we live in a simulated reality?
• How can I shift to realities where my friends and family are more in alignment with my true self?
• Will we obtain super-powers through ascension?
• Did psychedelic mushrooms play a part in human evolution?
• How can we know what the higher mind has planned for us?
• Can we rewrite the contract?
• Can you tell us more about the Spynx?
• How close are we to contact today?

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