Art Therapy: Creative Interventions for Kids with Trauma, Anxiety, ADHD and More! - Pamela G. Malkoff Hayes

Art Therapy: Creative Interventions for Kids with Trauma
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Art Therapy: Creative Interventions for Kids with Trauma, Anxiety, ADHD and More! – Pamela G. Malkoff Hayes

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Do you work with challenging children and teens who seem absolutely resistant to every intervention you offer? Clients who are stuck, repeating the same patterns over and over and you feel like you’re powerless to help them? You know the ones that repeatedly refuse to listen and don’t stop to think before they act. Or those who refuse to take responsibility for their behaviors and constantly pass blame onto others? Do they leave you feeling stagnant and burnt out in your practice?

Watch this recording and learn innovative interventions that will help even your most resistant clients become unstuck. Your day will consist of creative, interactive, hands-on training that will re-energize your work. You will leave with fresh new art strategies and approaches that you can use immediately to engage even your most difficult and challenging clients. These tools are fun and playful. They will offer you an opportunity to refresh yourself as well!

No art experience is necessary, just an openness to try something creative.

  1. Explore art therapy directives to immediately implement into clinical practice with fidelity to help children regulate their emotions and behavior.
  2. Consider the ethical implications and clinical limitations of using selected art therapy approaches within your scope of practice.
  3. Determine the stages of a child’s normative development and identify the indicators suggesting a need for additional clinical support.
  4. Summarize the benefits of utilizing therapeutic artmaking approaches in assessment, diagnosis, and clinical treatment of mental health disorders.
  5. Develop a plan for introducing art into clinical practice for treatment resistant and challenging children and families.
  6. Determine the neurobiological implications of using therapeutic art interventions among clients with various diagnoses.

Art Therapy:

  • Which clients benefit from art therapy?
  • Ethical implications and limitations of using art therapy in your practice
  • Creating products vs creative process
  • Go with the flow

Clinical Application of Art Therapy

  • What materials to use and when
  • Normative development in art making and developmental stages
  • Indicators in the artwork that suggest a child needs more support
  • Seeing it differently (client perspective)
  • Art talk, they made it now what?

Creative Techniques and Strategies to… Build Relationships & Connection

  • For ASD, Trauma & ODD
    • Draw your fears
    • Magical thinking
    • Safe place drawing
    • Playing with the materials
    • Building rituals
    • Destroy the OCD monster
    • Paint the silence

Build Safety

  • For Trauma, Anxiety & Mood Disorders
    • Connect the dots
    • Create a safe place
    • Draw a person
    • Draw a house
    • Draw your feelings
    • Play therapy
    • Animal family & other family art activities
    • Trauma feelings
    • Magical thinking
    • Wishes

Build Self-Esteem

  • For ADHD, Anxiety & Mood disorders
    • Inside out
    • Mask making
    • Body outline
    • Safe place
    • Fear and empowerment
    • Self portraits
    • Beading

Increase Responsibility

  • For ADHD, Trauma, ASD, ODD, Anxiety & Mood disorders
  • Miracle question
  • Feeling heart
  • Kinetic family drawing
  • Bridges
  • Cartooning problems & solutions

Increase Control

  • For ADHD, Anxiety & Mood disorders
    • Paper weaving
    • Abstracting painting and collage
    • Destroying fears
    • Mindful mandalas
    • Scribble scrabble
    • Gratitude Namaste figure
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