Angelica Delgado - Ouchi Gari (1080p)

Angelica Delgado – Ouchi Gari (1080p) digital course

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Angelica Delgado – Ouchi Gari (1080p)

Salepage : Angelica Delgado – Ouchi Gari (1080p)

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This is a 1080p download of Angelica Delgado’s Ouchi Gari instructional offered on JudoFanatics

Ouchi Gari—Angelica Delgado

Learn the Ouchi Gari from American judoka Angelica Delgado who is one of the most highly decorated athletes in the entire sport of judo

These are the techniques that helped her win Bronze Medals at the Pan American Games in 2011 and 2015. With these moves she has earned more than 20 World Cup medals

In 2016, she represented the USA at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro and you can learn her game plan

In Ouchi Gari, Angelica Delgado is going to give you all of her secrets to the most important throw in the sport of judo.

Part 1

Ouchi Gari (Right v Right)

Traditional (Sleeve/Overhand)

Off the Grip (from Lapel)

Forward Ouchi

Backwards Ouchi

Uchi mata to Ouchi

Kouchi to Ouchi

Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi (RVR)

Traditionial (Sleeve Overhand)


Osoto to Sasae

Part 2

Osoto Gari (RVR)


Osoto Otoshi

Same Side Osoto

Sasae to Osoto

Sode Tsurikomi Goshi (RVR)

Traditional Right

Traditional Left

Same Side Lapel Sode

Grip Break Sode (One Arm)

Sode to Osoto

Osoto to Sode Left (Same Side)

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