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Allans Pratt – Bad Boy Sex Secrets

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by Allana Pratt

An intimate invitation from International Author of Get Her to Say Yes and Scoring a Relationship:
Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt

“There is a part of you that may still be hidden, that if you dare stand before me, I will awaken. In just 7 days I’ll show you how to BE that noble Bad Boy that makes her ache to do anything for you, always.”

A little secret about what happened to me as I sat down to create this product for you…

I expanded as a lustful hedonistic muse…

“It was as if a barrier of hiding my true kinky naughty bold regal potent nature dissolved away at the thought of you standing before me.. embracing your Bad Boy.

No longer am I concerned that my overt sexuality would be too much for you.
I love men. I love sex. I love intimately connecting with Bad Boys.

I am alive with authentic pleasure at the thought of my gifts, talents and insights awakening your full Bad Boy capacity. I am completely turned on (and your woman will be, too) knowing the full YOU has been unleashed into the world…

I’ve NEVER fit in the box, I never WILL fit inside the box and the reason men trust me and transform their sex, sexual lives and self-confidence is because I’m different: Dorky. Delicious. Divine.

Even though I’ve coached men to be bad ass for over 5 yrs., coached women to open and surrender to you for 15 yrs., even though I’m a smarty pants from Columbia University, even though I have interviewed and coached celebrities, even though I’m a 3 time author and have graced national TV sets, international modeling runways and corporate boardroom presentations… I’ve struggled with revealing my full true sexual nature all my life.

It’s like as I committed to awakening your bad boy, my bad girl has awakened. Since filming and recording this potent program for you, I’ve experienced the breaking down of walls and the returning to my pure luscious hedonistic core. Now more than ever, I KNOW what’s missing in today’s sexual relationships. And I KNOW how to awaken this within you.

    • What if this Bad Boy in you requires a proper Initiation to step forth fully?
    • What if this Bad Boy in you requires all past wounds healed, forgiven and released in totality?
    • What if this Bad Boy in you requires a safe, tender, alluring, inviting, tempting, feminine champion to hold space for you to move forward with success?
  • What if this is exactly what I was designed to provide on this planet?

Let me tell you a story of my first ‘initiate’…

I have two failed marriages under my belt at this point, choosing men who didn’t meet my sexual depth, wildness, caring and intimacy… yet, YES you are correct. I chose them. Why? So that their rejection of me would prove my sexuality was wrong, I was wrong, I was a dirty and bad woman. Not kind. Not fun. What else is possible?

I’ve since been on a path to heal every ounce of shame, guilt, pain and suffering about my deliciously orgasmic, tender, creative, expansive, hedonistic, yummy SELF so that I can inspire others to experience the same joy, freedom, peace and pleasure I do in my body, and in sex, intimacy and communion with lovers.

For it seems when one is fully at peace with pleasure in their body, their sex, their relationship… they tend to create and receive the life they choose, including money, success, joy, sex, adventure.

So, back to my first ‘initiate.

It was close to 8 yrs. ago at a silent mediation retreat where you were only allowed to speak in these 40 minute partner sessions where you’d ask each other, “Tell Me Who You Are”. All you got to say in response was “Thank You”. It was day 3 of 5 and I wanted to get this ‘direct experience’ of who I am like the retreat promised was possible. Yet ‘wanting’ it was getting me nowhere (sound familiar?) so I just let go and chose to be curious, open and surrendered.

Sitting close, knees touching, facing one another, my partner said, “Tell Me Who You Are”. You’re supposed to take in the question and say whatever arises for you, no matter how weird, wondrous or wacky it is. I heard inside my head:Straddle the earth, right now. Get down on the floor. Straddle her.

OMG. How embarrassing.
Better than the woman beside me a moment ago, who reported she wanted ‘sweaty balls’.
Damn. THAT took courage to say.

So I pushed back my chair and reported to my partner that “I am straddling the Earth with and drinking her in…” He gulped, said “Thank You” with a crackle in his voice.

Then something happened, like I became possessed with energy, light, power. I started to orgasm in a way I never had before, not clitoral, but these deep waves within… my voice deepened and I WAS THE EARTH.

I was everything in creation. I told him that.

“I am the wind that blows over wheat fields at sunset.
I am the luscious moss on the north side of every trunk deep in the forest.
I can create the Grand Canyon with a glance.
I can create a tsunami with the tilt of my head.
And I don’t need a man.”

I was soooo full, orgasmic, writhing, moist and alive.
I was everything already… so what did I choose from here?
With smoldering eyes, heavy lashes, I purred to my partner,

“I have no interest, not even the capacity to care about a man who is unable to claim me.
How dare a man even cross my path of fullness unless he can hold the space to take me deeper, wider, more expansive…?”

My partner kept saying, “Thank you”. Shifting from shock, to understanding, to awareness, to beckoning me to tell him more… like the Holy Grail… as he said, Thank you, I could feel how he wanted to learn how to fully claim the Feminine.

I was floating, waves of orgasmic energy pulsing through me, speaking poetically AS the Earth when I shared that:

“There is a chasm between me and the man who dares to claim me. A deep chasm of doubt, mind spinning, thoughts of self-abuse, beliefs picked up by others, points of view of seeking approval, fears of rejection, patterns of hesitancy, disconnection from speaking and living one’s priorities… it is a dark swirling cavern of darkness that he will have to pass over to claim me.

If he focuses on the chasm, it would swallow him whole.

If he focuses on me, let my naughty alluring temptress energy awaken him, let my fierce love of his commanding nobility awaken him, let my caring tender sweet heart awaken him… allow my pure honor of his magnificence… then the chasm would close, he will be by my side, penetrating me deeply so that I can fuel his legacy, pour my liquid light into his Being and together we will soar into the cosmos in Communion with All.”

Weird shit, eh?
(Whoops, the Canadian accent slipped out).

Almost like when Sigourney Weaver got possessed in Ghost Busters… but WAY better.
So as I’m sharing all this, straddling an imaginary Earth on the floor, bowing to my partner who is still seated in his chair, several facilitators gathered around that I hadn’t noticed before… my adoration, honoring and allowing of ME… and my adoration, honoring and allowing of HIM… was the catalyst for HIM to have a ‘direct experience’.

Right there in front of me.
Witnessing a brother BE all of HIM!
BEING His Bad Ass Noble Hot Humble Heroic Self.

Later that afternoon in another partner sharing for 40 minutes, another gentleman ‘woke up’ in front of me.

For the next two years I enjoyed the best sex in my life (and it has gotten better ever since!) Back in my coaching practice, I was all about awakening this capacity in women and moms.

Yet honestly it wasn’t going that well. It was like I was too much for the women, and I noticed I began to dim this magnificent gift inside me.

Then out of the blue, Eben Pagen interviewed me for his Double Your Dating Series. It was my first interview for a male audience. I thought I bombed it for I didn’t have any rehearsed speaking points; no 5 keys to making her multiply orgasmic. All I knew was that I could awaken a capacity in men that would make me and any woman I knew, say YES! I have clients today that say that was the best interview they’d ever heard in his series and that my velvety voice shifted something inside that brought many of them to tears. Tears of relief.Tears of home.

I’ve since coached hundreds of men personally and thousands with my curriculum and products.

I provide a piece that’s missing in today’s seduction, relationship and dating communities. It’s my capacity to heal your heart, stop your spinning, cure the nice guy and awaken your Bad Boy.

And while I’ve toyed with the thought of being a modern day courtesan, (smile), there are just too many men and too little time. Ha.

Seriously, my raging, soothing, healing, caring, inspiring, orgasmic, nourishing sexual energy pours through my videos, my audios, my articles… it’s like I lick your wounds, holding you in my embrace, then demanding the capacity in you that’s required to cross that chasm! I see and never take my eyes off your magnificence, welcoming your Bad Boy into the light.

Then you BE him on your dates. Whether you met her last night or last decade, ALWAYS date your woman. ALWAYS see her as your lover. ALWAYS choose to cross the chasm and claim her for it’s the way YOU get to experience YOU!

Then your Bad Boy energy comes alive.

Yet here’s why I created the Bad Boy Sex Secrets Program.

I don’t want you to risk the wobbly phase with her… get the kinks out first with me for 7 Days so you are solid, stable, manly and HOT. Confident in your full manhood. Ready to claim her the way she’s been aching for you to claim her… forever.

So how does this program I’ve created work?

Let me take you through some of what you’ll learn with me, your muse, your champion, as you discover your Bad Boy.

A few of the things you will learn are…

How to unblock and open YOUR Sexual Energy – not only helps with erections but can make her orgasm from across the room.
When you laser focus your sexual energy on one woman as the Bad Boy, she can’t stop thinking about you, and will do anything to be with you…

Postures that turn her on and make her trust you – you may be just standing there and actually turning her off.
There is a reason we women go for the James Bond, Indiana Jones, UFC fighter, Cowboy etc… it’s how they move in their body… you CAN learn this and I’ll show you how…

How to stay present & calm with her no matter what happens – scripted sex is boring, so you WILL BE in the unknown – if you spin in your head, you will blow the whole thing.
Rarely have I met a man who could do this without my program. So many men derive their sense of self from her opinion of him, which deflates any chance of you being a Bad Boy. Let’s turn this around. Now.

How to introduce and use adult toys to take her into bliss – sometimes it’s her that’s timid and sometimes it’s you, let’s move through this
Women are super sensitive, can be confident in the boardroom yet when they hit the bedroom, feel completely insecure. Without knowing how to introduce adult toys, you could kill the moment before you ever begun, putting yourself months if not years back in terms of the profound intimacy that’s possible.

The importance of Bad Boy praise, touch, gifts & acknowledgment – bad boys say things in a specific way that elicits her erotic gushing take me now side, not the puppy dog side- you need to know this
Let’s be clear, being a Bad Boy doesn’t start in the bedroom, it starts hours before, which can seem like a lot of work unless I show you the easy authentic natural ways to bring this way of being into your everyday communications with her, so she’s begging for you once you get home!

I’m so grateful this program works and creates Bad Boys everywhere! Here is what men, just like you, say about me and this program…

“Allana shined a light on my relationship with my wife, resulting in valuing what I contribute to the relationship and setting boundaries regarding respectful behavior. By getting into my core that I am enough already, my confidence increased, as well as my easiness in relating with other people. From this place, my Bad Boy is completely natural and she loves it.”
–Russell, Idaho

“Allana, I have experienced a new sense of power and confidence that has change my perspective on life, allowing me to move through the world in a more direct and powerful way. You’re amazing Allana. Thank you for your playful sexy attitude, helping me release everything in the way of being a Bad Boy that women crave, and helping me to be true to who I am. Thanks again.”
–Ryan, Detroit

“Allana Pratt is a true Godsend among women and relationship counselors. Through her amazing visual techniques, her videos (wow), her audios (WOW), she helped guide me back onto the path of self-respect and self-confidence. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with issues pertaining to masculine confidence, relationships, love and sex.”
–Donald, Germany

“I mean lady, unfrigginbelievable how good I feel. The brain was doing a good job of picking up the slack for the heart all these years, but all of the love from the heart feels like enough energy to fuel the world. I feel like I just took the governor/restrictor they put on cars so they can’t go past a certain speed–that thing–I feel like I just took it off my heart. Unreal. Thanks so much. You’re truly amazing. Thanks for the plutonium. It’s delicious.”
–Steve, Pennsylvania

People say when you’re living your life’s work, life really starts to take off. It’s true. I’m honored to have been featured in publications like OK Magazine, People Magazine, on TV in shows like the Ricki Lake Show, Talk Philly CBS4 in Philadelphia, FOX News in San Diego, BraveHeart TV, That Morning Show on E!, on TLC’s That Ying Yang Thing and I’m in production to be featured on Oprah’s OWN Channel for UnFaithful coaching couples through infidelity. I love tweeting on Twitter, engaging with my community on FaceBook, connecting deeply with my members of Yes! for Men. I have a weekly Radio Show called Intimate Conversations LIVE where Zan Perrion said, “Tell Allana I absolutely loved the call. It was one of the easiest, most inspiring, and most connected interviews I have ever had. We shall meet someday for sure!”

Yet after being interviewed by my colleagues as I mentioned like Eben Pagen, David Shade, John Alanis and Carlos Xuma… I realized I provided something that men can’t… something that only a sexy and intelligent woman like me can give a man…. And it’s more than the TRUTH from a beautiful woman’s perspective…

It’s my gift and capacity to literally awaken your Bad Boy.

You don’t need fixing. You are amazing. You need to trust your instincts and choose for yourself to heal any part of your sexuality you believe is wrong, or that you’re ashamed or guilty about…it’s time to choose to destroy any doubts that you can’t be the Bad Boy, and then take step by step proven action to become the Bad Boy who is latent and waiting inside you.

THEN, with an ease you have always known is possible, you will STEP UP and CLAIM HER the way she’s aching to be ravished!

When will you choose to destroy everything in the way of you BEING the Bad Boy?

So you can experience pleasing a woman to her deepest core?

This capacity is inside you. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

My program works because I ask the questions, dissolve the blocks and BE the space to shift everything inside you that’s in the way of you being the Bad Boy you are inside.

My program works because something frankly quite magical occurs when a divine beautiful goddess adores you, believes in you, champions you and tells it to you straight, every step of the way… and demands you go claim her the way she is aching for you to claim her!

If thousands of my clients can change, YOU can change. Don’t buy into the victim mentality that you’re beyond help. Please. You are magnificent. There’s just some limiting crap in the way I will whisk away in no time.

Honestly, your INTIMACY can be hotter than you ever imagined… and YOU can be the Bad Boy you’ve always wanted… the one that women everywhere yearn for in the bedroom.

(Yes, there IS a good reason why 40 million copies of 50 Shades of Grey were sold… women are ACHING for Bad Boys! Are you willing to do what it takes to be one?)

“Allana, I can’t give you enough praise. Your program has transformed my life COMPLETELY in just a few weeks. I feel so peaceful and life is truly effortless for me now… I am also, for the first time in my life, in a position to choose what I want, who I want, and when I want – because I am in charge of my life and I don’t have to do anything to have this power! With your guidance, I found the Bad Boy hiding inside of me for so long and just allowed him to simply be…I just couldn’t have imagined what it is like to be free and to now truly love the damn sexy man I see in the mirror!”–Paul, LA

“Allana… you’ve given me so much insight and clarity, and in such a short time. Each recording is an invaluable source of insight and healing. I was lucky to find you and glad I spent the money! I will definitely recommend you to friends. 🙂 Thank you.”–Rolando, CA

“Through Allana’s amazing program, I was able to resolve old childhood issues that held me back. I now feel more centered and powerful, even my voice seems deeper and more resonant after just one video. She is brilliant at helping you get on the right path again.”–Chris, Switzerland

“I feel a lot lighter now that the chains that were weighing me down have been broken. I see that I need to stop trying to fix myself because I’m not broken. You were right when you told David that you work miracles and you sometimes put yourself out of work because you’re so good. I really like your work and what you’re doing for the world.” –Mikael, CA

Okay amazing man, are you ready to do what Bad Boys do?

Destroy all excuses and claim what they want.
Great. I knew you would.

Here’s the plan…

Remember: Experts predict that 25% of men and 50% of women in the United States suffer from low sex drive or unsatisfying sex. And a whopping 90% would rather be in an unsatisfying relationship than alone. That’s so sad to me.

THANK YOU that you are NOT a statistic like this!

THANK YOU for being bold, dynamic and phenomenal by taking action to change this for you and your partner!

THANK YOU too… from her. I know what it’s like to love your man, but be bored by him in bed… and now; you are going to bring her bliss!!!

I want to share with you EXACTLY WHAT WORKS. In a way that’s sizzling, inspiring and effective.

Bad Boy Sex Secrets is a week-long video and audio training program designed to awaken your Bad Boy. Just spend an average of 15-20 minutes a day for 7 days watching my delicious video trainings and listening to my intimate audio training sessions… as I equip you with the Bad Boy inside arsenal of effective techniques and practices for amazing sex that only a Bad Boy can give her… making her say yes, Yes, YES to YOU.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Bad Boy Sex Secrets Video, Audio & Transcripts training program:

Day 1

Bad Boy Sex Secrets Video One:
Inner & Outer Game

How to unblock and open YOUR Sexual Energy
not only helps with erections but can make her orgasm from across the room.

Your sexual energy is not a thought in your head, it’s an energy that literally moves in you, as you, through you, you can measure it on Steven Hawkins’s’ Scale of Consciousness. When you have shame, guilt or suppression of your truth in any manner, you cut off this energy and your ability to access your nobility and your Bad Boy. Practice wielding this energy supports longer erections and this energy can literally be sent toward her, like an invitation to open her into surrender. Many clients have been able to claim this Bad Boy sexual confidence to flow energy to turn their partners on to the point of orgasm without any physical touch. Let’s get you started or take your practice to the next dimension.

Postures that turn her on and make her trust you
you may be just standing there and actually turning her off.

Think about a man whom you respect. He could be a friend, mentor, actor, or athlete. Now notice his posture. Now think of a man you disrespect, again he could be a family member, coworker, actor or politician. What do you notice about his posture? Pushing forward? Pulled back? Grounded in the center? Wounds from the past, survival strategies to ‘make’ things happen or to protect you from rejection, all play out in your posture and how you walk, sit, approach a woman, make love. On this subconscious energetic level, women might be turned off just by how you stand. Let’s shift you into the most confident Bad Boy posture possible.

How to stay present & calm with her no matter what happens
scripted sex is boring, so you WILL BE in the unknown- if you spin in your head, you will blow the whole thing.

One of the biggest complaints about being able to fully own your Bad Boy is how to move past the fear of rejection. Staying present instead of spinning in your head is challenging for many men who look to strategy and doing it right to be safe, look good, be right. And yet the present moment (not the past/future of the mind) is where all you power is, it’s where limitless answers are, it’s where your masculine instinct is, it’s where your authenticity lives. Easier to say than do, let’s dive deep and access what it takes to stay calm, present and grounded as the fuel for your Bad Boy.

Day 2

Bad Boy Sex Secrets Video Two:
Advanced Moves & Communication

How to introduce and use adult toys to take her into bliss
Sometimes it’s her that’s timid and sometimes it’s you, let’s move through this

The truth is most women love the idea of a sex toy, being penetrated in more than one place at once, the act of total surrender into their partners guiding moves and leadership. And yet also many women have shame around their sexuality as being a bad girl, that kinky is bad or to be nice, not naughty. I teach you how to speak to women about all of their nature as a whole, so she feels honored, seen, valued and safe to explore area without judgment. When you can do this, being the Bad Boy who stays honoring of her, while expanding her expression, you will be nothing short of her hero.

The importance of Bad Boy praise, touch, gifts & acknowledgment
Bad Boys say things in a specific way that elicits her erotic gushing take me now side, not the puppy dog side- you need to know this.

There are comments I know you know how to do, that make her swoon, blush, be all soft and mushy. Even comments that make her stand taller, proud and grateful for your appreciation. Yet there are also comments, ways you can touch her that either make her feel like a piece of meat, a sexual object… yet that VERY SAME ACTION done with Bad Boy energy she will feel like a work of art, a divine temple to be penetrated, like a sacred courtesan ready and aching to please you. You are TOTALLY in control of the space you provide and I can’t wait to teach you how to do this for it makes us women wet!!!

Day 3

Bad Boy Sex Secrets Audio One:
Dark with Heart

She doesn’t want a jerk; she wants the Bad Boy in YOU

One bad boy sex technique to solve this problem is called DARK WITH HEART… still be the good man she loves, but to become the mysterious bad boy she aches to be claimed by… I’m sure you’ve read A Billion Wicked Thoughts by those MIT guys who studied a billion porn searches of men and women… remember where it says a man needs only one cue to want to have sex with her, yet she needs 17 to let you into her secret garden? Thus it’s not just what you’re doing, but who you’re BEING that triggers her brain to surrender all the way… for you to please her, turn her on, have her begging for more… you have to DO and BE different than you are right now… and I’ll show you how.

Stay present to your caring for her… while simultaneously letting your dark primal sensual wild side free. A true Badass man that makes women swoon and ache to be taken… isn’t a bad boy or jerk… no… it’s the screw the rules anything is possible like James Bond, Indiana Jones, these Vampire movie characters, Christian Grey… the man in 50 Shades of Grey that 40 million women are fantasizing about…. it’s a man who’s heart is present… he LOVES women… and he’s DARK and will dominate her into blissful surrender… Think about it… even in Fight Club there was this sacred reverence for the fight. Dark and light combined. If you lose the heart, you’re just a cocky jerk wanting his way, she aches for her hero to take her….

Day 4

Bad Boy Sex Secrets Audio TWO:

The REAL way most women want to be dominated

The #1 reason my female coaching clients tell me they stray, have affairs, flirt with the tennis pro, or lock themselves in the bathtub reading erotica…is because they tell me their good men are uninspiring lovers and they miss their bad boy lovers or the past… who rocked their world…

Here’s something you’ve got to get about most of today’s women. We have to be masculine all day (doing, leading, directing, putting out fires, creating solutions, acting and getting things done.) And being a mom is one of the most masculine acts out there… it’s all do do do! So by the time they see you at the end of the day, they are aching to be feminine, to open, to surrender, to receive, to be led, to be claimed, taken and out of control.

They chose you because you’re a good man… and no woman can let go, lose control and open to a jerk. Yet on the other side, she misses the darkness, unpredictability, element of surprise of the bad boys she used to date… with whom many times she had the best sex of her life…so she doesn’t want to be betrayed and used- which is what bad boys do- she wants to be honored adored and respected- which is what you do, good man. Yet I know you know that she wants more. And I know you know you’re not providing it.

Day 5

Bad Boy Sex Secrets Audio Three:

Many men have been emasculated at some point by a woman for his sexual desires… and these deep inner wounds actually effect your capacity to be hard and stay hard

I am going to tell you his story. He was experiencing impotency. The Dr.’s said it wasn’t physical, but m

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