(10th Planet) MTS 129 - POLISHING THE TWISTER PASS [1080p]

(10th Planet) MTS 129 – POLISHING THE TWISTER PASS [1080p] digital course

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(10th Planet) MTS 129 – POLISHING THE TWISTER PASS [1080p]

Salepage : (10th Planet) MTS 129 – POLISHING THE TWISTER PASS [1080p]

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00:02:14 10th Planet Commercial 2017

00:03:51 10pHQ Intro

00:04:28 Taking warmups to the highest level possible

00:22:19 Alex Magala 10pHQ Story

00:29:47 Warmups E1  Quarter Guard

00:44:37 Conspiracy Talk

00:46:32 Elvira Ellu Karppinen 10p Tampere Brown belt

00:49:26 Paulina Brinck

00:50:54 Warmups E2  Quarter Guard

00:56:14 Warmups E3  Quarter Guard

01:03:10 Warmups E4  Quarter Guard

01:08:49 Eddie Bravo gets Joe Rogan to smoke cannabis  Datsusara

01:10:52 Warmups White Belt Wall

01:13:16 Warmups D1  Standing Passes

01:14:49 Warmups D2  Standing Passes

01:16:20 Warmups D3  Standing Passes

01:18:00 Warmups D4  Standing Passes

01:22:51 Preschool Flow

01:23:19 Live Drill  M1 / Knee On Belly / Recover

01:26:14 Bryan Brown 10p Atlantic Beach Moonhead

01:32:28 Warmups G1  Top Half Passes

01:34:37 Warmups G2  Top Half Passes

01:36:57 Warmups G3  Top Half Passes

01:40:38 Warmups G4  Top Half Passes

01:44:52 Preschool Flow

01:45:23 Asykar White Belt  IBJJF Indonesia

01:47:51 Perfecting the Twister Pass  Free the Knee

02:14:57 Susan Mokhtarian  Hex Fight Series 10


10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu is a non-traditional system of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu developed by Eddie Bravo. It was one of the first Jiu-Jitsu school systems to avoid using a gi.

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